The Real Enemies of Two Nation Theory
The basis of the state of Pakistan is Two Nation Theory. If you demolish or contravene the Two Nation Theory the real Pakistan ceases to exist.

What is Two Nation Theory? Simply speaking the Two Nation Theory was a constitutional solution to the tangled Indian political problem. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan thought that once the British leave the subcontinent the Two Nation Theory i.e. Hindu and Muslim living in the subcontinent will wage a war among themselves and whoever wins will be the ruler of India.

A historical process over a millenium at created a demographic scenario in which the Muslims in India were a minority, while the Hindus were a majority. In any constitutional scheme of things this Hindu majority two third of the entire population would have become a dominant, permanent and trinical majority. There was no breathing space for the poor Muslims of India in any such scheme. Hence, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s observation of internecine war.

It fell to the lot of Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal to weld the motley crowed of the subcontinental Muslims into a well knit nation through his inspiring writings. The moving poetry of Allama Iqbal become cohesive force of the Muslims of the sub-continent. Then again its Allama Iqbal who spelt out in detail in constitutional terms the concept of an independent and sovereign state for the Muslims in India in area’s and the regions where they were in majority. It was not only a concept but a very via-able solution for a very tangier political problem of explosive dimensions.

After Allama Iqbal the concept of Two Nation Theory was taken over by a very competent and inspiring leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. After some dilly-dallying by the British and bitter oppositions by Hindus the formula was so useful and practical that they had conical to it with some resolutions of course, in 1940 through the Lahore Resolution in the All India Muslim League meeting. It was officially demanded that India be partitioned into the Muslim majority areas and Hindu majority area. The demand was so forceful and reasonable that the then British Indian was partitioned into Pakistan and Bharat through an act of British Parliament. So Pakistan emerged on the map of the globe of the sheer force of its logicality.

Pakistan in the start practically has no state structures no administrative, no setup, no judiciary, no army, no capital but the dynamic and inspiring leadership of the great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah made it all a ground reality despite in surmountable difficulties. Infact this part was a real miracle while the creation of Pakistan might be describe as a logical product of the forces of history and geography.

It is worth remembering that Pakistan is the product of not only history but also a particular geography. There are two basic pillars on which the Two Nation Theory stand. One pillar of course Islam and other equally important pillar is the political process by which Pakistan became a possibility. Islam is generally understandable but I would like to emphasize on the other process that is the basic and democratic right of the Muslims of the subcontinent to rule themselves in the areas where they were in majority-(Pakistan). You take away any of these two pillars, the Two Nation Theory evaporates into the thin air so does the state of Pakistan.

Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened with the Two Nation Theory and our mother land. As far as Islam is concerned its profession - may be hypocritical as continued through out but the other pillar of Pakistan that is the right of the people to rule themselves was usurped and turned topsy-turvy on the fateful night of 7-8th October 1958. In that dark night General Sikandar Mirza and Ayub Khan, took away this right from the people of Pakistan bestrode on them by the great effort of our great leaders like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

This act of our these ambitious Generals and there successors later on completely nullifies the Two Nation Theory – hence Pakistan also. The separation of East Pakistan in 1971 was a consequences of this unfortunate military act. Since 1971 what is happening in the present part of the state of Pakistan is the continuation of the same sad story. One usurper follows another usurper and the people of Pakistan continue to be deprive of their right for self rule, snatched by our elders by their ancestor toil, hard work and blood.

Now in the light of this very brief analysis let us tarry for a moment from our sundry business and reflect as to who is the real enemy of the Two Nation Theory and thereby Pakistan? I am sure you will agree with me that it is no body else other than the blundering Generals like Ayub Khan and Zia-ul-Haq who have mercilessly murdered the spirit of Two Nation Theory and Pakistan. No thy enemy and save yourselves O deaf and dumb suffering lot of the people.

(Sardar Muhammad Chaudhary)