Mrs. Sonia Gandhi president of Indian congress, although elected by the people of India with thumping majority has declined to assume the office of Prime Minister of India.

Because of a long series of murders in the Nehru family. She is a widow of Rajiv Gahdhi who was assassinated and so was her mother-in-law Mrs. Indra Gandhi punished by her own sikh guards. This background has left a trail of sadness in the family and now she finds difficult to brave the challenge.

This is not only the reason that she has chickened out. The reason appears to be that the extreme elements in the Indian Hindu society are not proposed to accept a Christian as their ruler. Her being Italian born is just a pretext. The real reason is die hard religious bigidary. History is full of evidence that Hindu mentality always rejects all outsiders and tease them as the lowliest creatures on God’s earth. A Hindu can not be large hearted. Even never except any body other than a Hindu. All others are maleath dirty wombs with no human rights.

It appears that now a Sikh namely “Manmohan Singh” is likely to be the next Prime Minister of India. The congress party is collecting signatures of the MPs for this purpose and by the everything. The president of India is likely to invite Mr. Manmohan Singh to assume the August of the Prime Minister of India. I am sure that even this is going to pose a serious problem in India. Where the Hindu extremist do not tolerate even a Sikh. The die hard Hindus hate the Sikh’s and I am sure Manmohan Singh is going to face the music of followers of Ram Raj.

Manmohan Singh was born in Pakistan in 1932 and has been an ardent member of the Indian Congress. He is a Finance Minister with Narsima Rao, initiated economic reforms in India following the foot steps of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif and created a economic rule. While in Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif fell to the infringes of beauro-craics God father Ghulam Ishaq Khan and the unthinking Generals.

The Government of Manmohan Singh is going to be shaky. The left element of India has pledged support to the congress rule without joining the Government. They have a different economic agenda then Manmohan Singh and this will become a stumbling block in the smooth running of the Government in the course of time.

At this stage let us look back at history the Muslims have been the past of Indian civilization for the last thousand years. Some of the Muslims diversities even rule over India but the Hindu mentality always rejected them. When the British step in on the seen of the sub-continent, Hindus welcomed it because they thought that the British will delivered them the independence and safe them from the domination of Muslims. The history is the witness to the fact that people like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah started their political career as friends of Hindus and Muslims. At one stage Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was consider to be the best ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity but the Hindus always shunned the Muslims and were never prepared to concealed an inch. In the constitution scheme of things that is why all these Muslims elders had to ask for partition of India as the only solution to safe guard the rights of the Muslims population.

After the creation of Pakistan the Hindu India has taken all possible steps to destroy Pakistan physically, politically, socially and culturally. The latest attempt was made by clever Atal Behari Vajpayee. He priests a million stones a day against Pakistan on the borders. The unconstitutional, illegitimate and unrepresentative General Parvaiz Musharraf did not has the courage to fact the challenge and nail down most shamelessly before Mr. Vajpayee. The American were not lagging behind in this mischief. Mr. Vajpayee named his domination lust and as peace and friendship and the spineless General Musharraf could not understand the clever and dishonest moves of die heart Hindu Vajpayee. Vajpayee was not doing any thing now. He was repeating the act of Shiva Jee, Viz a Viz Afzal Khan which has given birth to the famous saying. “Mu main Ram Ram Aur Bagal Main Churi”

Now in the change circumstances what should be the policies of Pakistan. If Pakistan wants to survive honourably it must through up a genuine Pakistani leadership in Pakistan through free and fair election. The Justice General Pervaiz Mushrraf should hand over forth with power to chief of Pakistan. A new chief election commissioner a new man integrity be nominated who should held free and fair elections in three months. I am sure such measure will turning up a genuine, confident and bold leadership in Pakistan. That genuinely elected leadership will have the courage to face the Indians boldly and securely. This is the only panashia to ensure peace in the region particularly between India and Pakistan as they happen to be nuclear power. I hope even the American analyze the obtaining situation objectively and dispassionately. The sell out of Kashmir is not the solution. A fair and equitable on settlement on Kashmir is the only way for the permanent peace in the area. Let all concerned be clear about it and take a realistic position, if they want friendship and peace to grow in the religion of south Asia.