Is Pervez Musharraf Going?
The US State department has issued a warning that any attempt has removed General Pervez Musharraf unconstitutionally will be resisted. On the face of it, it is a positive statement. The General is the darling of the west particularly the U.S.A., so a statement like this is understandable. A similar statement even from the democrat candidate Mr. Kerry makes the situation still more serious.

But why now? Is there something cooking up against the General? May be we are not aware of such developments that the Americans are. I remember a similar statement from the American when some storm was gathering against Mian Nawaz Sharif but we were not aware and then he was actually looted out of power on October 12, 1999.

Is something brewing up similar even now. I hope not as any unconstitutional change makes matter worse. It leaves behind a trail of instability often a fresh has to take place and the country falls back on many counts. In fact, the 12th October unconstitutional act is keeping the country under its evil spell still. A repeat performance may not be desirable at all. I hope the American statement is simply precautionary.

There have been many serious attempts on the life of the General in which he escaped by inches. I hope this statement has nothing to do with that. If you remember after the last attempt in December last it was on the tongue of everybody that there were some army elements behind such dastardly attempts, now in a private T.V. channel interview the General have himself said oftenly that there were some junior army and air force officers behind the attempts on the life of the General. That makes the matter really of great concern.

God forbid if a thing like this succeeds the country will get destabilized. The political institution are still in the making. The parliament is not only weak but also badly divided. The sectarian and ethnic fault lines are to prominent in the country. The institutional synthesis is lacking. The way General Muhaarraf has stepped in is not desirable by any measure but his unconstitutional removal will really cause unfortunate complications. Hence, may be the present statement from Washington D C.

Suppose there is some change in the offing, the General should not shy off from its knowledge. He should keep his eyes & options open. No body is inevitable in any case. The General should know that he is becoming very unpopular, nor by days but by hours. The reasons are many but the long stay itself has bored the people. May be he learns to delegate his authority. It perhaps is advisable to evolve a decent and respectable it policy for himself. On this he will have to be very firm and avoid the advice of the flatterers who would like him to continue forever for their own selfish motive. Such people always block the light. It is for the General Personally to see the light. I am afraid the warnings, have started coming. A wise man is one, who takes timely decision. I do smell change in the air.

(Sardar Muhammad Chaudhary)